Full Circle Outsourcing is a human resource management company with a previous 23 years Outsourcing experience

We specialize in: Human Resource Management for all Engineering disciplines, Technical and Artisan country wide. We also offer Engineering Design and Project Management

Full Circle Outsourcing has established a large clientele over the years in Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal and the Cape.
Clients include: Fluor SA, Hatch, DRA, Engineering Management Services (EMS), Murray and Roberts(MEI Natal), Dorbyl Shipyards, Engen Petroleum, Sapref Refinery and Hullets Aluminium etc..

As contracts are completed at various stages we have a revolving compliment of personnel at your request. We receive a rate from the client which is agreed between the client and ourselves. The contractor will only receive payment for the hours actually worked and approved. Invoices are made out by Full Circle Outsourcing to the company upon authorization. The contractor will receive his/her remuneration within one week thereof. The notice period for the termination of a contract is one week by either party, unless otherwise agreed.

A fully automated Computer Aided Design (CAD), Project Management, and Certified Personnel Database Systems make us a leader in our Industry